Hobby Paint is an artistic workshop that has tried to make public the experience of ceramic decoration for more than forty years, through painting laboratories dedicated to people who wish to discover and learn this antique art, which is appreciated worldwide.




We have a large selection of items to be painted which are suitable for any age, customizable by cold colors (acrylic non-toxic) and firing (glaze and crystal). We provide material to realize the task, teaching decoration techniques on white clay ceramic, typical of the Venice Region. We shape logos and brands and our production chain is entirely 'Made in Italy'.




Our proposal is directed towards touristic establishments, resorts, entertainment areas, kids' playgrounds and large shopping malls, as our laboratories are an attraction for the public, particularly younger people. These workshops allow people to perform both recreational and creative activities, raising interest and dedication in all age brackets.




Touristic establishments or shopping centers that would like to offer their customers the experience of an artistic activity for kids, but also for adults that wish to try ceramic decoration, can contact us to arrange the terms and characteristics of the event they are going to organize, the areas in which we can set up our workshop inside the establishment, define the duration of our stay and agree the items to be offered to the public, or customized items to be manufactured for a specific event.




We make items inspired by the events we participate in, with inherent objects that kids can paint and customize. It is possible to order ceramic items that represent people, animals or specific objects for a single event, as well as logos and mascots of touristic establishments or commercial areas, which provide visibility to the brand, for they are kept by the public as souvenirs for attending. In the gallery section, is it possible to view some examples of shopping centers that have made their own logos, as well as single-event items.




In order to have a Hobby Paint stand in your establishment, as well as in an open space event, you need to book it by sending a message via the contacts section of our webpage, in order to arrange the date, availability, situation, areas to locate the stand, the stand’s size, and items to be sold, especially if they are customized ones. Availability varies depending on the period in the year and on the kind of establishment that is proposing the event.




Our personnel are especially prepared for the situations they are attending. During the event, Hobby Paint staff provide customer care and teach people painting techniques like the management of paint brushes, colors and glitter etc. In touristic establishments, personnel usually speak foreign languages and are capable of performing sales and customer care during artistic workshops. Stands that are set up outside of Italy, count on local employees.




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